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Puppy & Kitten Care

Is there anything in life more fun and exciting than bringing home a puppy or kitten? Still, it’s important to take your young new pet’s health seriously— especially since young animals have special health needs. But don’t worry— our team at Harbor Animal Hospital is here to help.

Caring For Your New Puppy or Kitten

Are you a new pet parent? How exciting! With great responsibility comes great reward. Be the best pet owner for your new pet and have a healthy friend by your side for years to come.

Step #1 is always to schedule a wellness visit for your new pet. Puppies and kittens do not have fully developed immune systems, which means beginning preventative care practices right away is key to disease prevention and a healthy first year of life. During your pet's first wellness visit, we'll assess their overall physical condition, start on a vaccine schedule, and run various diagnostic tests to ensure your new pet is free of disease, illness, and parasites.

One of our veterinarians will cover all of the important health bases, including:

  • The importance of routine wellness visits
  • Required & lifestyle dependent vaccinations
  • Spay/neuter procedure (recommended for all dogs and cats!)
  • Parasite prevention, fecal tests & deworming
  • Dental care
  • Microchip insertion
  • Proper nutrition & physical activity
  • Healthy grooming habits
  • Training & socialization

Have any questions about new pet care? Let us know! We are here to guide you in being the absolute best pet parent for your new companion.

Spay/Neuter Procedure

Spay/Neuter Procedure promotes optimal health and good behavior, which is why it's recommended for all pets under our care. This routine procedure is recommended at about six months of age, but no two animals are exactly alike. Timing is dependent on factors like breed, health condition, and lifestyle.

Spay/neuter procedure benefits your pet, but did you know it also benefits you and your family? Pets that are not driven by sexual behaviors are more loyal and affectionate companions. Longevity is also increased, which means you'll have your companion by your side for as many years as possible.

Benefits of Spaying Female Pets:

  • Prevents unwanted litters
  • Prevents messy heat cycles
  • Prevents uterine and mammary issues, like cancer, pyometra, and infection
  • Prevents the urge to roam
  • Prevents aggressive behaviors
  • Increases longevity
  • Increases affection and loyalty towards humans

Benefits of Neutering Male Pets:

  • Prevents aggressive behaviors
  • Prevents testicular cancer and enlarged prostate
  • Prevents the urge to roam
  • Increases longevity
  • Increases affection and loyalty towards humans


Microchips add an additional layer of security should your pet ever be lost. This form of permanent pet identification is recommended for all pets, even indoor pets. Accidents happen. It's best to be prepared.

Insertion is a fast and painless process. A microchip is as small as a grain of rice, and easily inserted between the shoulder blades in a similar fashion as a routine vaccination. If your lost pet is found and taken to a veterinary hospital or animal shelter, their unique microchip will be scanned for your contact information.

Make note to update your pet's registered microchip if you ever change your home address or phone number. For complete identification protection, we recommend collars and ID tags, too.

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