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New Client Information

Good news! Harbor Animal Hospital is currently accepting new clients. Simply fill out the form below to provide us with basic information about you and your pet, and we can’t wait to welcome you into the Harbor Animal Hospital family!

$25 OFF For New Clients!

Selecting the right veterinary facility for your companion is one of the most meaningful decisions you'll make as a pet parent.

At Harbor Animal Hospital, all pets are cared for by dedicated veterinary professionals with years of experience in exceptional pet medicine. Plus, as a treat for all our new clients, you will receive $25 off your first comprehensive exam (must be mentioned at or before check out on the same day of services provided and offer cannot be combined with any other offers).

We want to help make your decision a little bit easier. Curious if Harbor Animal Hospital is right for you and your pet family? Here are just five reasons why Harbor Animal Hospital would be a fantastic fit:

  1. Harbor Animal Hospital has been in business since 1988. Over the years, we've earned the loyalty of countless clients and pets, and look forward to serving generations to come.
  2. AAHA-accredited since 2002, we are committed to continually serving our patients with the highest standards of care in the veterinary field.
  3. Operating as a full-service veterinary facility, we are your 'one-stop shop' for top-quality and dependable pet care, ranging from basic wellness care to advanced procedures and treatments.
  4. Our facility is equipped with advanced technology that enhances the level of care we can provide, like digital x-ray, digital dental x-ray, ultrasound, and an in-house diagnostic laboratory.
  5. Along with quality medical care for pets, we work hard to ensure every client has a positive and exceptional client experience with us.

Call us at 847-746-1915 to schedule a visit for your pet!

The First Visit & What To Expect

To gain a better understanding of your pet's wellness and unique healthcare needs, a nose-to-tail examination will be performed during your pet's first visit. It's also hugely helpful and valuable to share any medical records you may have with us.

Have questions about your pet's health? We have the answers. Bring any and all questions you may have to your first visit.

Join the Harbor Animal Hospital Family Today!

Directly off of Sheridan Rd, just .7 miles from Village Park and 2.5 miles from the North Dunes Nature Preserve.

Phone: 847-746-1915

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