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Health & Travel Certificates

Traveling with your pet sometimes requires you to obtain special health & travel certificates. These certificates require the support of a licensed veterinary professional, and we’re happy to provide everything you need for pet-friendly travel at Harbor Animal Hospital.

Traveling With Your Pet?

Plan far in advance for international travel with your pet to avoid travel delays and inconveniences. An International Health Certificate for your pet is required prior to leaving the country. We can help you prepare! Call us as soon as you know the dates you'll be traveling.

The veterinarians at Harbor Animal Hospital are federally accredited to issue health certificates after performing a comprehensive examination that confirms your pet is:

  • Healthy enough for travel
  • Parasite-free
  • Disease-free
  • Current on necessary vaccinations

Check out specific USDA regulations for pet travel, as these regulations vary from country to country. Most countries have strict protocols for current rabies vaccinations, parasite control, microchips, and bloodwork.

If you are traveling by aircraft, be aware that most airlines require proof of certification at least 10 days prior to departure. To minimize stress in your pet, always travel with your pet in the passenger cabin and book direct flights whenever possible.

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